5 easy marketing tips for your online store

If you have an e-commerce store, whether you sell physical products or digital products, here are 5 easy ways to market your products.

1. Create an email list

To build your list, you can offer coupon discounts if they sign up, sign up everyone who buys from you, and maybe offer a free digital product to your subscribers that’s relevant to them and solves a problem for them. It’s easy to create a free PDF checklist or something that relates to the types of products you sell.

2. Start a niche-specific user group

Another great tip for marketing your e-commerce store online is to create groups and forums that use social media (like Facebook groups, for example) to create user-specific groups. So, if you sell cat toys, you might want to start a cat lover group where you can interact with them and then give them the first information about sales or new products.

3. Run ads on Facebook

Instead of running one Facebook ad for your entire site, run ads for individually selected products or services. If you grab a Facebook pixel, you can install it on your site by following the instructions given by Facebook, or by hiring someone who knows how to do it, like your web designer or a virtual assistant. The pixel will then only target people who have previously visited your site with the advertisement you are serving.

4. Post informative content often

Even an e-commerce site can have a blog that allows you to post informative content that engages, educates, and informs your audience about your products and how to use them. You can post case studies, user-generated content showing users of your product using it in action, examples of using your product, tips on using your product, and more.

The more useful, valuable and informative the content, the better. If it’s interesting and engaging, that’s even better because people will share it. It also gives you something to promote on social media.

5. Pay attention to your SEO

Product descriptions, product titles, and how you name your product images are all very important to the health of your search engine optimization. Don’t ignore any of this, thinking it doesn’t matter just because your customers can’t see it. Search engines see it and use it to deliver your content to your audience, so don’t skimp on these important SEO aspects.

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