5 Robust Extensions to Increase Your Ecommerce Store Sales

Magento 2, the most recommended and updated e-commerce platform, hosts a range of exclusive features for its Enterprise and Community editions. Online merchants can set up and manage catalogs, customer groups and accounts, store emails, set tax rules, manage delivery and payment methods, review reports, manage invoices, promotions, credit notes, coupons and other types of marketing features.

Features are easily accessible and easy to use, making it easy for administrators to get on with their work. Additionally, online shoppers will experience seamless online shopping, increasing the chances of conversions.

Every business is unique, having different requirements that require a different approach to deal with. Apart from the built-in features of Magento 2, different online businesses are looking for different add-ons to meet their unique needs ranging from Health, Beauty & Grooming, Appliances, Fashion & Apparel, and Electronics. So, to meet different business needs, there is a range of powerful extensions and some of them are here to discuss.

Store locator

This robust extension helps customers find the number of stores located nearby and the different products available there. This extension is user-friendly, responsive, supports multiple stores, helps customers switch view mode between map and satellite.

Order Tracking Extension

It helps online merchants manage orders and run the business more efficiently. This will help customers to get accurate real-time data in both desktop and mobile orders when ordering and save a lot of time.

Improved layered navigation

This extension comes with 3 types of filters for more precise search like color, brand, price range, product category and different other parameters. When the visitor is happy with the ease of navigation, they are more likely to be converted into a customer.

Top Selling Product Widget

This extension will help merchants to display their best selling products on the homepage or any other page of the website. Admins can enable or disable all products and thus, it provides a personalized look as well as responsiveness.

Brand extension

People often become attached to certain brands over time and by adhering to this fact, brand searches are among the most popular searches on the web. So, you can enhance the eCommerce store with a branding extension that helps in creating and consistently presenting a number of products under a parent brand. It helps to manage brands, thus linking them quite easily to related products. This, in turn, makes it easier for customers to buy specific brands and stay loyal to them.

There is a range of Magento extensions that benefit both customers and merchants. With these powerful extensions, eCommerce merchants get a wider scope to include exclusive features in their stores and make them unique.

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