Article Marketing Guide to SEO Traffic and Website Promotion

Getting traffic to your website is not an easy task. This is especially true when lack of experience prevents most of us from achieving our true internet marketing goals of making money online through a successful internet business. Article marketing is a proven method of driving large amounts of traffic to a website or blog and building long-term, progressive website rankings through organic search engine marketing. In other words, search engines, readers, and website publishers LOVE all articles, so if you can supply all three of these entities, you have a veritable goldmine at your fingertips.

So what are some good tips for article marketing and website promotion that most people miss? Below are some very practical and effective article marketing and web promotion tips to create tons of extra traffic, sales and conversions.

1. Write, write, WRITE! Too often internet marketers will create a bunch of 5 minute websites, write 1 article and submit it to a few different places. They then get a decent amount of traffic and then get lazy and quit. That’s fine if you’re looking for short-term results, but if you’re looking for long-term success, you have to constantly write, write, write! Don’t stop at one or two articles. If you really want to create long-term success and wealth online, you should never stop promoting. It’s often said that most quit when they’re inches away from success and that’s really the only difference between you and your competitors.

2. Write, but write quality information to solve a dilemma. Don’t write just to write. Think a lot about each article and use the keywords you want to rank high for. Nobody wants to read nonsense, so make sure what you write is really worth reading or it won’t be read. Writing to solve a problem is by far the most effective way to attract a hungry audience online.

3. Your headline should say exactly what it should say. Make sure that your article title not only grabs the attention of a potential reader, but also contains all the relevant keywords and phrases that you want to be associated with in search engines.

4. Make sure the links in your resource box make your article interesting. Think about where you are sending your readers. Do you use anchor text? Do you use an autoresponder on your landing page? Do you offer your readers a great place to go after reading your article? These are all very important questions to ask yourself before publishing your article in various places.

5. Submit, edit, submit. Once in a while, I use a method to write my article, submitting it to a few websites, then modifying my article, then submitting others and repeating it. This helps make my content a bit more visible on search engines by providing a greater amount of unique content. Article submission websites appreciate this and so do search engines. It may take a little longer to do, but who said it was going to be easy.

6. A great way to modify article submission is to manually submit your articles half the time and then use a paid submission service to do it the other half. This ensures a wide range of websites you submit to and ensures that your articles get to where they need to be. Consider doing this as part of your article marketing strategy.

7. Make your readers happy, offer something free in the resource box! This is a great way for an article marketer to get traffic to their website and become memorable by offering something totally free. Do your readers a favor and do it.

These are great ways to not only help you, but also give your readers, search engines, article websites, and web publishers great content that benefits everyone.

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