Article Marketing SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Article Marketing

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a process of ranking your website or landing page in search engines, such as Google, for certain keywords or phrases. This method will include keyword saturation, proper tags, proper labeling of elements besides text, relevant URL names, proper header and title tags, and proper site setup. The same strategies apply to article marketing. Make sure your keywords are in your title, the first sentences of your article summary, and the body of the article, sprinkled throughout the article and included in your bio box.

Google’s goal

Google’s main goal is to provide the most relevant information to someone who enters search parameters into their search box. Google tracks the sites, articles and blogs that will best meet the requested parameters. In SEO, you want to make sure that when someone types in the keywords you are looking for in your article, Google will find you so relevant that they have no choice but to list you first in the rankings.

Keyword saturation

When creating your landing page, you want to have a keyword saturation rate of around 3%. This means that out of a hundred words on your site, you used your keyword three times. You want to include your keywords in the URL, headings, titles, introductory paragraphs, calls to action, and randomly throughout your writing. In your articles, you want your keyword density to be less than 2% to be accepted by certain directories.

Tags or labels

When entering your articles into a directory, they will give you space to add your tags or keywords. Your tags should list your primary keywords first, then any other keywords you want to rank for afterward.


The two most important factors in getting a domain name for your site are relevance and making sure it’s a .com, if you think you might want to sell the site later. Choose a domain name containing your keyword. If you never plan to sell the site, you don’t need a .com name. For example, you can choose a .info site and you can buy one for around a dollar. If you think you might one day want to sell the site, be sure to choose because that’s what most buyers will want.

In article marketing, you get some credit for your URL when you include it in your bio box. It always helps to have a keyword-rich domain.

Headings and titles

One of the first things search engines will read about your article are the headings and titles. Make sure your keywords are in both. Search engines also look at words you have bolded or underlined. Be sure to use them wisely.

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