Article Submissions for Backlink Building (SEO)

Article submission

There are many ways to get quality backlinks to your site to help increase its rankings. One of the best methods is to use article marketing. Not only can this technique increase the number of visitors to your website, but it can also increase your site’s ranking!

You can create short, informative articles about your products niche or concept and explain the value proposition of that product category and submit them to article directories. Directories can be configured for an automated or manual submission and review process. Some article directories make your article live immediately after submission without further editorial review (like GoArticles). While popular article directories can take up to 10 days to review an article before allowing it to be published. Generally, sites with stricter guidelines also offer higher Page Rank Authority and count as a higher backlink which can also drive more traffic. I would suggest saving your higher quality material for popular article sites and then submitting your lower quality work to automated article sites. A good tip is to check the page rank of the root domain of these article sites. Save your quality material for the top ranked sites.

Researchers looking for specific information on a concept or topic can land on the article directory pages, and you will have a link back in the “resource box” assigned to you upon article submission. . This backlink will link to your related niche site. This way, you can get qualified visitor traffic to your sites from article directory visitors.

A technique that has become popular is to write a single article and then use software to turn that article into dozens or hundreds of unique articles that are all slightly different. This in its very nature is something the major search engines frown upon. If you use this technique, you must be very careful. Do not rotate the articles so many times that the content of the articles becomes unreadable. Also, like all SEO techniques, be sure to use multiple strategies. Although article submissions can be a very effective strategy, it is always a good idea to vary all your SEO strategies.

There are also some software like Ping Kaching which will have a module to do article submissions by simple push button methods. This can be very valuable to you, as several companies charge several hundred dollars for submitting articles to multiple article directories. If you’re using an automated system, you’ll want to make sure you’re using quality content that’s unique and adds value to the web. Trying to use spam techniques and posting duplicate articles is not worth your time.

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