Difference Between SEO Writing and Ghostwriting

A person or business may need to understand the difference between SEO writing and ghostwriting while looking for a freelancer to outsource various types of writing projects. SEO writing and ghostwriting are two quite different forms of writing. An SEO writer specifically writes content for SEO, while a ghost writer can write about anything, it can also include writing content for the site. Both types of writers may not get credit for their work. It can be credited to someone else as they usually write for other companies or people for a set amount. They may be required to follow specific requirements or instructions from project suppliers.

SEO writing isn’t exactly a writing skill; it’s more of a social skill. SEO copywriting focuses on marketing or selling products. So if you’re an SEO writer, that means you’re not exactly a writer, you’re more of a salesperson. Unlike other sellers, you don’t use a pitch; you use your words to sell a product or to intrigue the demand for your product in people’s minds.

A ghostwriter is the person who writes informative content in nature. Usually, his writings don’t deal much with selling a product. Although he may write about the benefits of a product, his content is not focused on selling a product.

Both types of writing are unique and have their own importance in the relevant fields. If a person is good at SEO writing, they may not be able to perform at the same level as a ghostwriter. The same works vice versa. A ghostwriter will face many problems if they want to write effective SEO content. Each of the writers can perform exceptionally in the relevant field but cannot perform with the same efficiency for the others, because each of the fields requires specific specialties. An SEO writer knows well how he can create an article which can be of great help in optimizing the site with a search engine.

SEO writing takes a lot of time to perfect the content. An SEO copywriter may have to spend more hours on a single article. He may have to edit the articles again and again. He may have to change the titles, the text of a specific part or he may have to modify the subtitles. He must make sure that he is good enough to optimize the site conveniently with a search engine. It must attract attention. He is required to write such content that must interest a reader and must be able to generate a lead or offer a sale to the company.

An SEO copywriter needs to write compelling content, while a ghost copywriter doesn’t. A ghostwriter should also write interesting content, but they don’t have to write compelling content that should offer a sale or a lead. An SEO writer can earn much higher sums than a ghostwriter does.

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