Free SEO Marketing – Article Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means that the content you put on the Internet will have a very good chance of ranking well on search engines. This method can be done effectively by enriching your content with keywords. This is a very common method of generating traffic as it can be done for free using articles.

Article marketing is a free Internet marketing strategy that can be very effective if used correctly. The key to your marketing campaign is to generate keyword rich content. There are two ways to ensure your content is keyword rich.

1. Find your niche market

It helps you narrow down your marketing to a specific target market, some niches are commonly used and others haven’t even scratched the surface. An example would be targeting marketers who are looking for new or simple marketing strategies.

It would be very wise to choose a niche market that you know well. It will make your article marketing fun and easier to write and not like a chore.

2. Keyword research

There are many sites that offer free keyword research or trial periods before becoming a member. You can start somewhere for free and then as you get better at article marketing I would suggest becoming a member of a site.

Keyword research is the most important aspect of your article marketing. You start by finding a keyword or phrase that is included in your niche. Think about the keywords your market would search on Google and find the keywords you are looking for. You can see how often these words are used on a monthly and daily basis.

I generally search for words that are used less than 100,000/month. This will result in an SEO keyword-rich article that could rank high in search engines. Spend the majority of your time researching keywords, then incorporate those words into your article.

Remember in your marketing campaign to include valuable information in your content and keep your SEO articles keyword rich and you will find your articles on search engines driving targeted traffic to your sites.

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