How to Do Your Own SEO Properly in 2019

Search engine optimization is a great way to make money online. There are many ways to achieve success using SEO alone. This is probably why so many internet marketers claim to know exactly how to rank your site #1 on Google. But wait! If they really know the secret of internet marketing and this solution only costs $50, do you really think they would sell their service on freelance sites? Personally, if I knew how to rank on search engines for $50, I would spend all day creating new websites and ranking them on Google. I wouldn’t bother trying to sell this secret method to others, certainly not for $50. In reality, SEO costs more, between $2,000 and $10,000 depending on the niche you are in. So don’t bother buying backlinks from so called gurus, this will only get your web pages banned from search results. With the new Google and Bing algorithm updates, it’s harder to rank if you’re buying backlinks. Even expensive backlinks can now be flagged by search engines. Once they know you’re buying your links, say goodbye to your position, your web pages will simply disappear from the results. Is there a new way to rank websites? Yes, and I’ll explain exactly how it’s done. I’ve seen billion dollar companies use this technique to rank on Google and Bing. The best part about this SEO method is that it is free. This is perfect because Google will ban your site if you buy backlinks.

So how do you rank #1 for FREE?

In the dawn of the internet, SEO was all about getting the most amount of links pointing to your site. Marketers would submit their site to directories, they would submit articles en masse with links to thousands of websites. They were posting blog comments with software on countless blogs and they were creating Web 2.0 social backlink tones. These days, I can’t stress this enough, those outdated techniques don’t work, they’ll hurt your SEO efforts and get you banned from search engines. The solution is to adopt a mindset focused on the actual visibility of your site. You want real backlinks that drive traffic and brand awareness. And no, I’m not talking about reaching out to your competitors and politely asking them to post your backlinks on their website. The solution is to get your brand or product known.

So where should my links come from?

Write on blogs, news and real article sites. You need to take the time to write about your product and your niche. Show your expertise on the subject. These sites crave real content. A single blog post can generate more money than you think. Some blogs pay hundreds of bloggers and marketers per post, and you get a backlink to your site in the process. Don’t worry about not being the best writer out there. Most people only want professional advice, it doesn’t matter if you have a doctorate in literature, they just want to “learn how to fix my computer” or “learn how to play the guitar”. Your opinion and expertise are worth more than you think.

Where can I find the right blog or news site to post on?

You need to take the time to research your backlink source. Search Google for “blogs that accept guest posts”. When researching potential blogs, be sure to check the domain authority of the blog you are going to post on. Read some posts on this blog to see if the content is genuine, some blogs use auto-generated content and search engines don’t like it, this type of content usually doesn’t even make sense so it’s easy to spot. Check the number of links pointing to other websites. If you see a lot of outbound links, don’t bother posting to this blog.

I’m not good at writing, can I buy blog posts?

Yes, but be careful! Adsy is the only place I completely trust for buying blog posts. All of their blogs are legit and they don’t use PBN. The items they provide are real and unique. Blogs have a high DA and PA. To ensure you get quality backlinks, don’t buy the whole process as a service. Don’t buy packages that say 50 PBN backlinks for $10. As you can’t really know where these links come from, I strongly advise against buying this kind of product. If you don’t use Adsy, you have to outsource the writing of the article itself. Then check the quality of the article, pass it through a duplicate content checker to see if it already exists on the internet. If it already exists, it will not be indexed, so it is worthless. Take your time, do some research, find blogs that have real readers. And then submit your articles to a real audience. Only then are your backlinks worth it.

How many links should I get?

The number of links varies depending on the niche you are in. The rule of thumb is to publish one article per week. And from there, it’s not really a question of how many backlinks but how long it will take. It usually takes a few months of blogging to rank in an uncompetitive category. You can increase the number of posts you write each week to rank faster, but remember to post regularly to spread the indexing evenly. You don’t want to get 100 backlinks a week and nothing for a month, that would set off a red flag for search engine crawlers. Remember that a quality link from a real blog or news site is priceless. I’ve seen websites with five quality links rank ahead of other sites that have thousands of domains pointing to.

In conclusion, Google and Bing now rank content, not keywords. Your site should have great content and related sites as well. Write about your niche, show off your expertise, and you’ll be rewarded with top spot on search engines.

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