How to Write SEO Optimized Blog Posts

Search engines are the traffic resources that give a lot of free and targeted traffic to any blog. So, as a blogger, you need to write SEO-optimized posts. Writing SEO optimized articles is not difficult. You just add some elements in your article and you will have a good article for search engines. So the question is how are you going to write SEO optimized blog posts.

Here are some tips to follow:

#1. Write unique and original articles:- First of all, you have to keep in mind that you have to write unique and original articles. Search engines love unique and original articles. This is the first and should be followed by an SEO tactic. After that, you need to put your posts in front of a highly targeted audience. This means that you are not putting effort into driving untargeted traffic to your blog.

#2. Title Optimization:- Your article title should be attractive and if possible, put your keyword phrases in your titles. But don’t over-keyword your title. Your title should be easy to read.

#3. Article body optimization:- The first paragraph of your article is very important. Your first paragraph should be as appealing as your title. And that will explain exactly what your headline promises. Put your main key phrase once in your first paragraph. After that, continue delivering the title message. Keep in mind that your article should be followed by your title.

#4. Keyword optimizations:- Pay attention to the frequency of your keywords. Repeat your main keyphrase 2-3 times, don’t repeat much more. Keep in mind that you are writing for humans and search engines. So, write a natural flow article. Your article should be easy to read.

#5. Write for uncompetitive keywords:- To know your niche competition, just type your niche in Google and click on the search tab. After that check the search box below, you will see the number of web pages for that keyword phrase. For example, just search “make money online” on Google and see the below part of the search box. You will see that the phrase “make money online” has 404,000,000 web pages on Google. This means that if you are writing to “make money online”, you have to beat the 404,000,000 web pages to get number one on Google. And it will be very hard for you. So, write for an uncompetitive keyword phrase to get higher page rankings on Google.

Search engines give tons of free traffic. Many bloggers fail at blogging because they aren’t trying to get search engine traffic. They don’t write SEO-optimized posts. And they don’t get any traffic from search engines and eventually they fail in blogging.

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