Practical tips for effective SEO content writing

If you have a flair for writing, you may consider Internet content writing a viable profession. With people using the internet as a global marketplace to buy and sell almost anything, businesses and entrepreneurs are understandably keen to promote their business websites in any way they can.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one such popular strategy employed by sellers to drive more traffic to their websites in hopes of generating sales. SEO is all about publishing high quality, relevant articles on the internet with appropriate keywords that entice readers to visit the actual website and this is where the growing importance of quality content and content writers lies.

Writing content specifically for SEO purposes, however, is easier said than done. Not just any article qualifies to be SEO-ready and there are certain approaches and points to keep in mind if you aim to become a successful content writing expert in SEO-oriented articles.

Use titles and keywords wisely

The correct title can make all the difference between popularity and obscurity for an article. Catchy titles that incorporate the essence of the article are likely to grab readers’ attention faster than vague titles.

For example, if your article about raincoats is titled “monsoon accessories,” people looking for raincoats will likely avoid your article simply because the title is misleading and ambiguous. Use keywords contextually in your content.

Strategically placed keywords serve as a vital link between the writer and their readers and play a vital role in influencing the page rank (PR) of articles in search engines. Keywords are phrases that people enter into search boxes when looking for a particular article, so the right keywords are likely to push your article to the top PRs for better visibility.

If the success of the content lies in the number of its readers, then the right keyword placed in the right positions definitely influences its performance.

Make your content informative and interesting

While framing your content, keep in mind that whatever article you write is for the client and their business. People who come across your article, read it and like it, are likely to visit your website by following the links embedded in the article.

Your writing should therefore exude the confidence of a seasoned businessman who knows his trade well. Research the product thoroughly and incorporate the latest data from trusted sources. However, the language should not be too pedantic.

Make the article informative and interesting without being a blatant sales pitch. It should be compelling enough to hold the attention of its readers and encourage them to

Keep language clear and crisp

Online articles are not novels. People read an article for information and advice on the products and services they are looking for, while companies hope that articles will attract more viewers to their websites.

Therefore, when writing for SEO, it is best to avoid confusing elaborate language. Keep the article crisp, clear and concise because readers too often get tired of long essays. However, check grammar and spelling, as a poorly written article misrepresents the brand it indirectly promotes.

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