Search Engine Optimization – Article Marketing and its impact on SEO

Article marketing may be one of the greatest search engine optimization techniques used today. The process is easy to use and can increase organic traffic to your website while improving your site’s search engine rankings.

Here’s how it works. Search engines are always looking for websites that have fresh and relevant content. They also research the popularity of a website. The popularity of a site is measured by the number of other sites that link to it. Webmasters and SEO specialists profit by submitting as many articles as possible to ezines or article directories.

If the articles are well-written and contain relevant, content-rich material with a few backlinks to the original website, they can very well be picked up by webmasters and SEO specialists who are looking for new content. for their websites.

When articles are used, user sites usually credit the author by including their contact information and a link to their site. This of course increases the number of sites linking back to the original site, which increases search engine rankings. It also provides greater exposure of the original site URL. This increases natural traffic to the original site.

For article marketing to be truly successful, you need to write many relevant articles each week and submit them to as many ezines and article directories as possible.

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