SEO Article Marketing – Forget Keyword Targeting

If you’ve read about article marketing, everyone recommends doing a ton of research to find the right keywords, right? They want you to use the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool, or use the SEOBook Keyword Tool, but you can really save time and just get back to writing your content.

Let me explain – when it comes to SEO, keywords are important, right? What if I told you that you better try to understand the needs of your target customer instead of trying to understand what the search engines are doing.

The first thing to remember: no search engine will buy your product… only people will. So write your articles for people, not search engines.

Second, if you’ve done article marketing, have you taken the time to see how many different keywords your articles are ranking for? Well, if you did, you’ll know that the keyword you were targeting probably isn’t even on the list! Most of the research done every day is new! So think about your client’s needs and write about them. Be the expert and provide the value they need. If you do this, your articles will be rich with meaningful phrases that will help you get found.

Finally (ok, there’s still a lot to learn about this, but that’s the end of the article) – taking action and doing it regularly is more important than spending forever doing word research -keys. The danger is the paralysis of analysis. It won’t help you, and it will definitely hurt you if you decide to search for the right keyphrases instead of having your content written.

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