SEO Article Writer – What You Can Do to Make Big Money Online

If you are one of those people who have outstanding SEO article writing skills, let me tell you that you have a higher chance of earning a lot of money in the online arena. Why? This is because SEO articles are great tools for product promotion and traffic generation. These can help drive interested parties to your website, build credibility in your niche, and achieve impressive page rankings. It’s what you need to increase your leads, your sales and, later, your income.

Here’s how you can make a lot of money using your SEO articles:

1. Distribute them in the online arena. Convert your SEO articles into highly effective traffic generation tools by simply distributing them in article directories, blogs and forums. Choose those article marketing sites that are extremely popular and reputable. I would recommend GoArticles, ArticleAlley, Buzzle, and of course, EzineArticles. Each time you manage to get your articles published, you will get additional inbound links for your website. This will improve your page rankings and allow you to reach more people.

2. Sell your items. If you don’t have your own e-business yet, you can still make money by selling your SEO articles to other people. There are so many webmasters and bloggers out there who don’t have a knack for writing but understand the role of SEO articles in their internet marketing campaign. Most of these people are more than willing to pay big bucks in exchange for high quality, properly optimized articles. Depending on your skill level, you can charge anywhere from $6 to $25/article that doesn’t exceed 500 words.

3. Use your articles to build your email marketing list. Driving traffic to your website is just the first step to making money online. In order to convert your prospects into buying customers, you will have to make several follow-ups. These people will share their contact information with you if you can offer them something for free. I suggest you combine your best articles to create an eBook or a complete guide. Use it as bait to convince more people to sign up for your newsletters.

4. Make your website more valuable to search engines and online users. Write several articles that you can use on your blog or website. Your goal here is to make your site a good source of valuable and useful information. If you can make that happen, I’m pretty sure a lot of other webmasters will link to you. It is thanks to this that you will be noticed not only by search engines, but also by online users.

5. Use your articles to position yourself as an expert in your niche. One of the most amazing benefits you can expect from writing and distributing SEO articles is that you will be able to prove your deep knowledge in your niche. This is a very important factor in gaining the trust of your prospects.

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