SEO Article Writing – How Article Directories Help You Succeed

If you’re like me, you sit down every morning to write your articles consistently. I typically launch a minimum of 10 articles, and once I’ve completed them I turn to article directories to complete the marketing strategy.

You see, article directories have a vital role in marketing your products and services. They allow you to communicate with potential subscribers. There are probably over 1,000 different article directories available online today, and each of them offers varying degrees of service to you, the article writer.

If you know what to look for, if you know the essential ingredients of a reputable article directory, you will be successful in writing and promoting your article. If you click on the Alexa website, you should be able to find a list of the top article directories, and e-zine articles always show up by number.

The specific features you should look for when choosing an article directory are:

1 – If you submit your article to an article directory, will it actually drive traffic to your site? There are article directories that are very good at generating traffic, and there are some that are completely useless. There is no point in writing and submitting articles to directories that will not help you generate traffic when there are so many reputable article directories out there today.

2 – It is important that you know how many people are visiting the article directory. If the numbers are too low, it won’t drive much traffic to your site.

3 – It is extremely important that you know how long it takes for your article to be approved and submitted online. I know of some article directories that take 1-2 months to get approved. It’s almost useless to me and I need my live article in a few hours.

4 – As you know, checking statistics is essential if you want to improve your conversion rates in Internet marketing. Many directories generate statistics. Statistics let you know how well your articles are performing and which are proving to be the most popular. Be picky when choosing your article directories.

5 – Does your article directory offer up-to-date support and advice? Will you get an answer if you have a question? Again, some article directories do not have staff available to respond to any emails or messages you may submit. It’s not good for you. Make sure you only deal with article directories that offer good support.

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