SEO Article Writing – How to Write Articles Quickly

If you really want to learn how to write an article quickly, you must first know the basic format of a good quality article.

The format will include a compelling headline. It is important that the title attracts as much attention as possible. Then, you will have to know how to write good quality content. It will come from practice and research! Look at what other people are doing in their articles. Next, it’s important that you create a great resource box so that when someone reads your article, they’ll be enticed to click on your link.

Once you know the basics, it’s important that you practice and develop your writing ability. You can use a timing device to speed up the time it takes you to complete an article. This is precisely what I do. I set myself a specific time, usually 7 minutes, and just write until the alarm goes off or I’m done writing.

It takes practice, but within a few weeks you can dramatically increase the speed at which you produce your writing and also increase the amount of traffic you drive to your site.

The main purpose of an article is to drive traffic to your site so you can build and grow your list. How many articles do you currently write? Would you like to double your daily production? You need to decide if this is really a goal you want to achieve and then go for it.

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