SEO Friendly Ecommerce Solution – Things to Consider!

To ensure that consumers who search for the products available on your website click through to your website, you need to make your server SEO friendly. This not only helps customers find the product they need, but also lets them check out other products you offer. It also helps the customer to know about your brand and the quality of your products and can also allow some people to shift their preference towards your products.

But the major problem with an e-commerce solution being SEO friendly is that SEO may not be able to detect keywords. According to a study, half of the keywords searched each month are unique and cannot be detected. It may sound strange, but it is one of the main factors why the e-commerce solution is considered important. Ecommerce solutions have a substantial amount of content and that content has the ability to find predictable and unpredictable keywords. This helps SEO to show your website in the list of search results. There are some aspects that need to be considered in order to make your eCommerce solution SEO friendly.

Unique title tags – every page on your site should have a unique title tag. The title is the most important aspect to make your website appear in the list of search results. So there should be unique title tags on every page, but make sure those title tags are relevant to the page. There is nothing more disastrous than having the same title tags on every page. This will not only reduce the chances of your website being detected in the search results list, but at some point it will also become irrelevant because you will not be posting the same information over and over again on your website. Another smart move you can make is to combine smart keyword research with the product or category name.

Navigation – whether your navigation is textual or graphical, you should use it for SEO purposes. Text in either of the two formats defines the pages contained in your site. Most e-commerce applications that automatically generate navigations do so in text form, not in graphical form. In this case, the text will be whatever you choose as the product or category name. If you know how your navigation is generated, you can easily plan your SEO strategies based on it.

Sitemap – if your site has more pages than can be read by browsing, you will surely need a sitemap that will separate your pages into categories or at least show the main content of your site. This helps you in case you have many quantities of products. Since each product cannot be displayed on a single page, there is therefore a sitemap that will inform visitors of the main products you offer by providing a link to these pages to help them view your product range.

SEO can become friendly with eCommerce solution only if the higher aspects are kept in mind, otherwise since SEO cannot detect unpredictable words, it will become impossible for your website to appear in the list search results if a single keyword is searched.

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