SEO Keyword Stuffers Versus Information Stuffers – The Battle for Online Article Space

Online article writing and marketing has grown astronomically over the past five years. Now, there are websites with article directories of over 50,000 articles and one that I know of with over a million. And the number of authors and writers participating has also grown exponentially. Unfortunately, when something develops this quickly, it needs to be controlled, which means the rules need to be tightened to avoid chaos or site collapse.

Today, SEO or Search Engine Optimization copywriters are flooding the Internet with content, much of it spam. They post these articles online in article submission site directories. A few of these online article directory sites are careful to reject key work-packed articles, as they should, especially when an abusive internet marketer shows up.

Recently, a very caring writer noted that it was difficult for him to write articles in his specific niche, without duplicating keywords over and over again. Indeed, I feel the pain of this author, especially when she is not an SEO keyword stuffer, she is a legit writer of important articles stuffed with great information for the human race.

When we make rules anywhere in society to stop a few bad apples and apply them to perfectly good citizens or, in this case, writers without regard to the intent of the rules or the true legitimacy of the individual who does no harm, we are all losers.

The real solution to this dilemma of sorting out the SEO junk articles from the good ones is to have a workaround for legitimate authors who sometimes overstep the rule due to the need to accurately describe what they are talking about. Article submission sites should take this into account and perhaps implement such a system. Asking the writer to submit substitute words that don’t do their work justice is actually hurting the audience, the reader, and all of internet sanity; share human information.

For industry: I recommend that rather than establishing more rules to torment writers with rejection notices or teaching them how to work within those artificial rules that someone work to fix the problem, website directories that do will prosper and be loved. We should ditch abusive SEO writers and allow legitimate article writers to operate freely. This way the industry can have both compliance and fairness for all parties involved. Think about it!

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