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In Keywords mp3, I’ll show you how easy it is to find profitable keywords for deep niches, even in the toughest markets.

My first step was to do a simple Google search for mp3s: there are 651 million competing results! The top ranked site is, it has a Google pagerank of 8, which means that Google ranks the importance of this page on the same level as its own homepage! So unless you have really deep pockets and lots of free time, or own Google, you’re not going to be number 1 in Google for mp3 keywords anytime soon.

What can I do to enter this market?

Have you ever heard the phrase “The devil takes over”? According to medieval legend, the devil had a school in Salamanca where the final test for graduating students was to walk through an underground hall. The slowest, or most backward, student has been captured by the devil and become one of his infernal imps. OK, we are the devil in this analogy and we were looking for the end of keywords to become our little SEO imps!

A little more research using Wordtracker Competition Search Automation shows me that mp3 keywords are searched around 5300 every day on all major search engines, unfortunately with all this competition we won’t be able to grab the imps harbingers for mp3 keywords.

So let’s take a look at the “last” of the keywords that mp3 has to offer. Right at the back we have phrases like “hellyeah you wouldn’t know how to download mp3s for free”, more devilish references, maybe I should rename this article Satanic Engine Optimization! There are a few phrases like this: with zero competition, but only 10-20 searches per day, they are unlikely to generate much traffic for our mp3 keyword themed site. Tip: While not great primary keywords, these low-competition phrases make good secondary keywords: If you have a high-traffic page, 20 extra visits a day is still worth adding some “themed” phrases to your copy.

What we need then is some kind of middle ground, phrases with low competition, but with enough people searching for them that it’s worth working to optimize a page with them. As you know I use a tool called Wordtracker Competition Search Automation to do my research and then I import those keywords into another app called KRA which helps me filter them to find those low competition phrases /strong demand. I imagine you could use a database or a spreadsheet, but I wouldn’t know where to start.

So I imported my keyword mp3 data into KRA and sorted it to identify the types of keywords we want. At the top of my list is the phrase “erotic cam audio”, I have to say I have no idea what products would fit this niche (I’m not sure I want to.), but every day , there are over 500 searches for that phrase and no one else is targeting that traffic. In fact, the top 6 results of my search are all for “erotic audio” and they have over 3000 searches per day with ZERO competition. If you have any idea what that might be, there is a large untapped market for erotic audio!

If you are a mp3 business is a little more mainstream how about the phrase “music without words” which sounds a little more up my street. With 1412 searches in 24 hours, the traffic is also quite high. The competition is higher, with 500 competing sites, but I have a way to make a lot of that competition go away.

I do a Google search: intitle: “music with no lyrics”. This research tells me how many pages have the specific phrase “music without words” in their title, because the first thing you do when optimizing a page for a keyword is put that keyword in the title. The intitle search filters out all “accidental” results and gives you your real competition.

The #1 result for this phrase is on a site called “”, it has no page rank and all those hyphens in the url suggest that they’re not really into SEO. There may be millions of other phrases like this just waiting to be mined by someone with the tools and knowledge to do keyword research properly and optimize a site, so what are you waiting for?

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