Submit an article or press release as part of your SEO and web marketing campaign

Writing articles, public relations and blogging on the Internet is a critical success factor for companies exposed to the Web: all types of e-commerce websites, exchanges and online services. If you’re on the top part of the first page, returned by Google, Yahoo, MSN on your keyword combination, you got the deal, otherwise if you’re on the second page – you should be happy to get a very small slice of the pie, where people catch you entering deeply structured queries, which means they have more keywords there, and sometimes you get exposed. How do you rank in search engines? Well, the answer is simple – you need to contribute to your product or service consumer community. One of the ways to contribute is to be a writer, editor or journalist. Consider the practical highlights

1. Writing articles. This genre is in our opinion the best and at the same time the most misunderstood of Internet marketers (where they work rather hard to get their press releases and blogs published). What item is it exactly? It is a neutral source of new information – without advertising (which is allowed in PR) and without emotions (which is allowed in blogging). Articles are usually syndicated by several Internet media portals, which means that if you publish your article on a respected portal, you may get twenty or even a hundred links to your website – of course, the number of links depends on the quality of your article and how media portal editors will review it and like or dislike it

2. Internet blogging. This genre is basically a popularization of fiction, or what normal writers do – write (hopefully masterpieces) with their personal opinion and attitude, which means blogging is subjective and emotional, and as such they do not contain new knowledge (or cannot be considered independent or objective). Blogs don’t allow advertising, the only place you can drop a few ad lines is your author section, a similar trick you can use in the article as well

3. Press release. This genre is more flexible in putting more ads, however it is often considered highly structured by most PR publishing sites. You should consider taking college courses in marketing and journalism to understand the structure of a press release. The press release lives for less time in the Internet community, similar to the newspaper ad – nobody usually remembers what was announced in the Chicago Tribune last month, but the current publicity can help you increase your current sales and promotions

4. Video and photo in your news. It’s a good support idea, but you should know that not all modern media portals allow you to quickly download movies and pictures in your news submissions. We generally think video and photo news will benefit from better SEO and web exposure

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