The Difference Between a Blog Writer, Article Writer, and SEO Writer

There is a difference between an article writer, an SEO writer and a blog writer. Some writers have the ability to alternate their styles to meet client requirements. Ideally, you should use different writers for your articles, SEO content, and blog, but that’s not the general rule and I wouldn’t rule out hiring a content writer who can write for anything. precedes.

To start, I’ll explain a bit about what is required of the writer for each of them.

Article writers

Article writers are required to write for a wide range of people interested in the topic they are supposed to write about. Article writers typically write for newspaper or magazine columns. Therefore, the article writer usually has to find topics and delve deeper into them than other types of writers.

SEO writers

Essentially, SEO writers are supposed to write for search engines. But since the search algorithm of many major search engines has changed over time, an SEO copywriter must write for BOTH search engines AND the readers. Search engines like force SEO writers to write relevant and informative articles instead of stringing together nonsense words and keywords to make content that makes no sense to readers much less appealing.

blog editors

Blog writers are a new group of writers who are usually hired to write content for blogs. Since these writers are usually hired to write for a particular company or industry, they must constantly research information related to website activities and keep their eyes and ears open for interesting news. Blog writers are usually people who are either hired to write from the client’s office or are online freelance writers who post daily.

As you can see, what is required of each type of writer is different, therefore, it can be quite difficult to find and hire a freelance writer who can meet all of the above bills…for get personal with readers, to keep in the loop with search engines and also to understand the nature of your business and your business.

But like I said, I wouldn’t rule out finding and hiring a freelance writer who can do it all. My advice would be that you give the freelance writer a chance to write a few articles for you for your website and blog; then you can assess whether the writer is suitable or not. Thread with caution, especially if you want to hire a writer online. Do as much homework as you can on the freelance writer before hiring the writer.

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