The Steps of System Analysis and Design of an Ecommerce Website

How to start?

Designing an eCommerce website is definitely the best thing for web designers as it allows them to fully utilize their creativity. Today, the e-commerce site has become the big trendsetter and is associated more with the morals and emotions of the customer. Every eCommerce website has a USP and something that entices buyers to visit the website.

Whether it’s Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba, history has it that every successful e-commerce website has written its own success stories at design time alone. All these websites are so popular among the users not only because of their services or range of products they offer, but because of their excellent user interface and extremely user-friendly website design.

Even a person who doesn’t know much about computer or internet can spend hours on these sites just because they offer very nice design and architect. This signifies how important the design and analysis of the eCommerce website is.

How does it all start?

Getting started with designing an e-commerce website is a big challenge for designers and also for people who initiated this idea. Having your own e-commerce store sounds pretty resounding, but it takes a hardcore approach to bring the idea to life in the real world. Before you start designing your own eCommerce store, you need to have the answers to these questions ready, so that you end up delivering a great product to your audience.

What is the purpose of your store?

Who would your target audiences be?

In which area or demographic are you targeting your customers?

What products or categories of products do you want to sell through your store?

What big brands do you want to partner with?

What would be the initial budget for your store?

Site architecture and wireframe

Now, since you have all the answers ready with you, that means you can go ahead and get into the real part of the design. The site architecture and wireframe is the most critical part of the eCommerce store. How much you invest your brain and your creativity in designing the architecture of the site will write your success. The story goes that even after investing millions of dollars, many e-commerce stores failed to attract customers’ attention due to their poor architecture and wireframe. However, you can use every piece of technology to design a user-friendly user interface and website architecture, but your own creativity will be the key to success.

Some of the essential and vital elements of a good wireframe and site architecture

Site navigation

Site Homepage Feasibility

Menus, submenus and product pages

Shopping cart function

Secure and fast payment gateway

Bradcrumb and sidebars

Header and footer structure

Drawing visualization

All great programmers or designers always take the blueprint of their design and use their visualization skills to create a replica of the design in their mind. This will give them the simple idea of ​​how they are moving and are they moving in the wrong direction. Most of the time, at the wireframe and site architecture stage, people are diverted from their original ideas and goals. Here, the visualization helps them come up with a mainframe design that resonates well with their initial idea.

Started with programming

The spice of the whole design is the programming. Once you have the sound visualization on the theme and concept of your website design, now is the time to do some groundwork and start programming. It doesn’t matter which language or framework you use like Php or .Net, but it is important that the programming goes with your initial idea.

The most important part of programming is workflow and work management. Designing an eCommerce store is really a tough business for the programmer as he has to create thousands of pages and integrate tons of features to design a user-friendly website.

CMS and Content Delivery Networks

The most critical part of any website is its database. While designing the e-commerce store, you should think about having a complete and extensive database to accommodate all the information on the website. If you don’t want to have a static database, you can definitely opt for CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), which will help you deliver an efficient database with good server uptime, which means your users will enjoy browsing. on your website.

Make precise and good CSS and Java elements

Cascade Stylesheet or popularly known as CSS will help you involve the great design elements that your users will truly cherish. Every user wants to browse the website and have their preferences for the different design elements. Whether it’s font color, font style or header color or your main navigation menu color, every element of CSS design has an impact on users. Like CSS, Java elements, especially flash images, also have a positive impact on the user’s mindset, but make sure you shouldn’t involve too much javascript or flash as this can increase the website loading time and the user does not like it.

Uploading products to the website

Products are the zest of every e-commerce store; therefore, special care should be taken when uploading the Products to the Website. It is really an exhilarating job for the designers, if you upload the huge amount of products in different categories. Here you should have the high definition images of each product and these images should be fragmented and processed by a professional designer. However, it is also important that each image is compressed before uploading, otherwise it will increase the loading time on the server and the user will not be able to see the product images correctly.

Website testing and launch

Now is the time to launch the website, but before that, you need to review your website to test it. Testing is often the last funnel through the website before going live on the web. Professional website engineers perform various tests on the website and suggest better ways to improve the website’s feasibility for users.

Once your website has passed the tests, now is the time to get your website live on the web for users with a bang. Make sure that you need to consider various display marketing, CCP and digital marketing techniques to promote your website to users.

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