Tips and techniques for writing effective SEO articles

Writing SEO articles is not nearly as complicated as it may seem to beginners in the field of search engine optimization and Internet marketing. If you follow the simple guidelines given in this article, you will be able to come up with great articles that will achieve fantastic marketing results, without having to spend days or even months studying various e-books and SEO theories.

The main principle you will need to adopt as an article writer is to constantly work to improve yourself, both by improving your knowledge in your area of ​​expertise and by improving your writing style. These guidelines will help you succeed even with basic effort, but the more effort you put in, the more results you will reap.

· The first step in the process of proper SEO optimization of your articles is keyword research. With the help of Google’s Free Keyword Tool, you should collect a list of quality keywords related to your specific niche that have high monthly search counts. Also, when choosing a popular keyword, make sure that the number of competitors you will face for that particular keyword is one that you can handle. As a general rule, high competition broad keywords are usually covered by internet marketing sharks that you simply cannot compete with.

· You can make good use of synonyms in your articles, as well as similar terms and expressions. This is necessary so as not to repeat a keyword too many times in an article and make it redundant. Moreover, this tactic will also allow you to rank for these synonyms.

· It is better that you place the keyword in your article title and first two sentences and that your total number of certain keywords in an article does not exceed 2-3% density.

· Although you should maintain a certain percentage of keyword density in your articles, first make sure you have your readers in mind and know how your article will appease them. If they are satisfied, they will definitely come back for more articles from you and you will improve your credibility and reputation as an author and expert in the field.

· On the other hand, if you try to manipulate SE bots with keyword stuffing, complex search engine algorithms will just detect your article as word salad and ignore it altogether.

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