Useful tips for SEO copywriting

Essentially, SEO writing is not much different from standard writing. Many elements play a role in effective search engine optimization, or SEO, copywriting. Although some techniques revolve around modifying a website, the most commonly used involve writing articles.

However, SEO writing requires writing articles not only for human readers, but also for search engines, also known as crawlers or bots. The job of robots is to sift through the multitude of articles on the web when someone enters a certain keyword or phrase into the query box. In turn, the search engine will provide the individual with a set of web pages related to their query.

Keywords tailored to your audience

These bots will search for articles that have the same keywords as those entered by the user in the query box. Therefore, a smart writer will consider the audience the article is trying to reach and include keywords they would most likely search for in order to find content like the article in question. Keywords should be included as much as possible without making the article look unnatural, which is sometimes called “keyword stuffing”. Search engine algorithms are designed to weed out articles that incorporate keyword stuffing.

Title Creativity

By including a main keyword in the title, the article will rank higher. Even so, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people will read the article. A creative and well-written title will simply attract potential viewers. The body of the article is what will keep them on your site.

The body of the article

The body of the article is another important aspect of effective SEO copywriting. Keep in mind that while writing for search engine crawlers is a crucial step, writing for people is just as essential. If the article doesn’t engage readers, you won’t be able to generate the level of traffic you want. Therefore, get straight to the point in a clear manner.

External and internal link

When you link to an article on your site, you can not only increase your readership, but also promote your other articles. Moreover, you will improve your credibility by linking to external websites. So whenever possible, put links in your sentences.

Examples and bullet points

Examples and bullet points are two great tips to incorporate into SEO copywriting. These methods will increase the opportunities you have to put more keywords into your article. Additionally, they will disperse the words, making the article more attractive to search engines. By using smart SEO copywriting, you can greatly improve your chances of being visible.

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