Writing Articles for SEO – How to Get Better Page Rankings Through Writing Articles

Every e-commerce owner wants to get better page rankings because it can make it easier for those people to direct interested parties to their website. You can achieve this through writing articles. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Keyword research. This is a step you can’t afford to miss when writing for search engines. This is a very quick and easy process to get a list of keywords/keyphrases that are extremely popular in your chosen niche. These terms/phrases will give you a clear idea of ​​the type of information your target audience is currently looking for. Convert every popular term into article topics to easily give your readers what they really need.

2. Optimize your articles. Insert your keywords on your articles, especially on your titles. However, make sure these terms will sound very natural on your content. Remember that apart from search engines, you are also writing for your readers.

3. Links. You can insert links on your articles if you publish them on your blog and website. Using anchor texts, you can insert as many clickable links on the body of your article to direct your readers to other pages on your website.

4. Marketing of articles. It is the easiest and one of the most affordable way to build multiple inbound links for your website. Publishers will allow you to use a resource box when posting your articles on their site. Here you can tell your readers who you are, why they should trust you, and then you can insert your site URL.

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